PNG optimization library
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Data Fields
opng_options Struct Reference

The user options structure. More...

#include <opngcore.h>

Data Fields

int backup
int out
int fix
int force
int no_clobber
int no_create
int preserve
int snip
int use_stdin
int use_stdout
int verbose
int interlace
int nb
int nc
int nm
int np
int nz
int optim_level
int paranoid
optk_bits_t filter_set
optk_bits_t zcompr_level_set
optk_bits_t zmem_level_set
optk_bits_t zstrategy_set
int zwindow_bits

Detailed Description

The user options structure.

This is set via the command line by the optipng driver, and it may be set by 3rd-party applications in order to customize PNG optimization.

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